Tuesday, September 16, 2014

black and white

it's gonna be black and white now.
pheel so fresh yet so retro , seems like I grew in war zone. i want to continue writing this blog after spm. maybe more update on my activity ( or maybe unproductive activity of that hols ) haha watever .

i'm addict to DOSFAMILY's blog now. they seems too cool. they make lot of art project and their family are very dorks. i want to write something like that. i'll try my best on putting some effort on doing good photos and designs and artworks. but everything gonna be done after spm hokey.

i hate my trials btw.
trials seems sucks. please i wanna go to japan. hmmmm

there are art festival in KL rite now but I cannot go because nobody want to send me there. it's always like this. this is why sometimes i hate holidays very much. art festivals are everywhere and it's just me who always stuck here and there. esp when i live with my grandma right now. everything fun out there have turn into boring one. i couldn't lie anywhere i like just like when i live in my old house. i couldn't do anything that i like because everything will be watch. i am ............. very sad. because queen mother gonna rules the world. and when i shut off my mouth quietly doing my chores, i'll be accused sleeping. oh my god that's hurt very much. i want my old house back. hmmmmmm

okay , writing actually doesn't help at all.

jya .