Wednesday, March 30, 2011

생일을축하합니다 이기광 !

 this is a fanmade(malaysian B2UTY) video . so NICE ! speacial for gikwang oppa :)

생일을축하합니다 ~ ~ :)
Wish u a great days during your birthday .
and good health (take care of your health!)
and always be the best actor and MC ^^
and always do the best for your work ! 

B2UTY always support you and BEAST !
take care :)

Saengil-chukahamnida oppa ! from me :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

yea !

 aww ~ so sad cuz cant go to Be The HEART OF ACE Kwang | Lee Gikwang 22nd Birthday  yesterday :(
its is quite far :( it is held at Korean Plaza . This event was make by MyB2uty - Malaysia B2UTY , the event .
Its seems fun ! but , what to do , its already past and i cant go .. but there was a HAPPY news for me cuz the gift that i send to gikwang oppa ALREADY ARRIVE YESTERDAY at Cube Ent Office ^^ aww !!
check it out here : Kikwang Gift already arrive . *happy* *jump2* ^_______^

Actually , my mom ask me "When is your 'boyfriend' birthday?,Have your 'boyfriend''s gift arrive at korea?" . Then i remember to check it out . And i was SHOCK cuz it's has arrived at Cube :)
Thanx mama cuz remembering me too check it ^^ . tehee~

and here are the some pics of the gifts for Gikwang :)

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at
I like this one . So cool ! Hand-made ! 

Free Image Hosting at
So many right ? So LUCKY Gikwang oppa ! :)

Be The HEART OF ACE Kwang | Lee Gikwang 22nd Birthday

Monday, March 14, 2011

100 points out of 100 cut

yaa ! at last , i make a new post today :) today,monday,shiny bright school holidays . 1 weeks holiday , wish i could do many things during this school holiday . hehe ~ ^^

i edit this pic . i take the pic using my phone ^^ and edit @ photoscape .

Actually , i wanna tell bout 100 points out of 100 cut of Kikwang, Yoseob n LeeJoon dance Again-MBLAQ :D . Cute eye smile kikwang , jealous yoseob and cool leejoon ^^ check it out below !

Friday, March 4, 2011

Shock Jap MV shooting

didnt watch the pics of Shock Jap Ver MV Shooting ? this link help you mybeastyboys - shock japanese mv shooting  some of them make weirdo pic looking at the snacks haha :D here r one of the pic of the shooting ^^
Doojoon expose his virus to the member . now all have to do Doopose ;D haha

the GREAT things for my bestfriend

Because of Kpop n Music , and because of our pray too , our friendship is GREAT :D
actually , i cant believe that i can make this video ! using BEAST song and some BEAST pic too :)
i make this to show you that i love you EMO TOT NERD or EMOYAR or SAN TYRA :))
thnx for "wujud" ^^ haha . Watch the video below :

forever and always love : daia-chan♥♥

debate ohh debate !

haha ! i cant believe that my teacher recommended me to Ms.Shamini for DEBATE ! seriously ouh my gosh !
teacher ! i want drama !! >< pleaseee!!! im not interested in debate -___- but what to do ~~
drama , drama , drama ~ I WANT TAKE PART IN DRAMA !! ㅠㅠ poor me .. im stuck :'(
 b2st oppa ! please ask my teacher to convert me into drama please ㅠㅠ

Btw , even im a little bit sad on the debate case , but im still HAPPY cuz today , my bro bougth me two PIZZA HUT ! oh my ! with the CHEEZZYYY FLAVOORR ~~ oh my ! im gaining fat again ! but idc ! 
its the best yummy delicious food :D haha !
jealous ? ;p

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazing selca of BEAST, the flight attendant


BEAST flight attendants revealed their secret waiting room.

Their expressions are cute and they can't stop their playfulness. They are absorbed into game and some are sleeping defenselessly. They are different from their charismatic appearance on stage wearing their uniforms.

BEAST fascinated their fans on December of last year with pilot concept. They started their flight again after only two months. On the 18th in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium, they started their flight again where it was filled with heat in the beginning.

BEAST fascinated their fans with and etc along with their duet . parody and secret selcas in the flight attendants phones added small fun to the concert.

Sports Korea attended BEAST Airline's amazing flight together.

# Welcome passengers!
Lee Kikwang's welcoming message is bright. His gesture of opening his arms wide and smiling with showing teeth disarms people who sees his smile. It was his part for the big smile at this concert. He made fans laugh because of the parody of doing sit-ups with Hyunseung.

# This is how you 'dress up'
Yang Yoseob preparing for flight. He is absent-mindedly dressing himself up to appear clean and neat in front of the passengers in the waiting room. Even the hairpin on his hair looks natural.

# Inventing service!
Doojoon is concerned as the time nears to start of the flight. Leader's distress is not feeled for long due to the hairpin pinned above his ears spreading laughter. He stole woman's heart just like the last concert by falling, then smiling awkwardly. 

# Preparing for comfortable flight!
Maknae Son Dongwoon is absorbed deeply(?) in his thoughts due to the tiredness of preparing for two days of concert. He looks pitiful, yet very charming with the blanket surrounding him cunningly and closing his eyes slightly.

# Choosing uniform
Jang Hyunseung is busy choosing a flight uniform. The hat is his concern for today's flight. He is not able to leave the mirror, keep taking his hat on and off.

# Splendid flight
BEAST, who dressed neatly appeared on the stage. It seems like they are rising while spurting out flames. This day's flight was charming due to BEAST's numerous fanservices. Passengers were not able to leave the airplane even though 2 hours and 30 minutes have passed. 

CR : Sports Korea

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oreo from Jeddah

he he ~ just back from school ! :D ufufufu~tired lorh ~ my PJ teacher ask us to make some exercise .. and it is so tiring ~ skipping , dumbbell , running , run up the stairs and bla bla bla ,, have to do all 10 activity in 10mins . and the result is MY LEG IS HURT ><" haha ;D but,it's okay :) kinda lyke it too :) cuz can reduce my fat haha ^^"  lol ~

 actually , i wanna show you Oreo tht my brother bought in Jeddah ^^ he just back from Egypt few weeks ago(because of the riots) .. and now he is climbing the mountain nearby *im alone again,my mom has "kursusss" @ Seremban , my father is doing some works  " * .... haha ...
u.r.i.y.u ^^" hee~

Twist , Lick & Dunk ! :D