Thursday, September 26, 2013

Win kawaii Rilakkuma & Mameshiba stuff from Rainbowholic x modes4u giveaway!

minna-san, konbanwa !

Yayyy say one two three hey minna, I am excited right now, typing this entry, because it is a kawaii giveaway entry. As you know, in my last entry, I wrote about Kaila who is the owner of Rainbowholics and today, I am going to join a giveaway from her and .

As you know, I;ve been looking for some online store who sell cute stationaries and lunch boxes and unexpectedly, I've found an awesome online stores who provides a lot of kawaii thingies. modes4u is a perfect place for ya to look for japanese characters stuff. so wut are you waitin for ? check out their store now :hihi:

ladies and gentleman, Rilakkuma is forever cute and Mameshiba is forever adorable ! don't you want to take part in the giveaway too?

Join us. May one of us win the prizes :)

Remember. Keep calm and stay kawaii .
Wish me luck <3

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A fan of Rainbowholic c:

cr ; Rainbowholic

My stomach is full already due to eating so many kind of things at my neighbor's house. You can feel me right ? eh okay back to the story.

Today, I got a lot of spare time  / I didn't do my homeworks yet but yeah, drawing is more important than that gheis/ so I thought I want to draw Kaila. Who is Kaila ? She is the owner of the cutest blog on the earth called [ Rainbowholic  ] ☆彡 . I do adore her kawaii stuff and one more important thing that you guys should know, her story about 'going to japan' is inspiring me. a lot. yep. Japan is a country that I would love to go and live there. I am not just in love with Yuto or Taiga but I do in love with the unique stuff there. even the language too.

Kaila's kawaii stuff do inspires me in fashion. Her 'Japan Lover Me' page is super interesting too. seems like she had done those things that I am dreaming all this time. I hope my dream also will come true one day.

Tadaaaa . I had finished a drawing entitled Rainbowholic Kaila. Sorry, my drawing is not nice as Little Miss Paintbrush's drawing. hihi

I hope you like this drawing, Kaila ! :) 

I also told my mom about Rainbowholic. I love to share with my mom about my favorite blogs that inspires me /she always listen to my story xoxo/ She also had the same dream like me when she was a teenager. She also want to go to Japan. She take Japanese Language course in the university and now she still can read japanese ! how cool is that. She also had a japanese foster family when she was in the university. She had chance to wear those cute kimonos and stayed at their home. I wish her wish will come true too In Sha Allah ! <3

Oh ya ! Today EXO will arrive in Malaysia . Please . They make me creyyy . I HATE THEM . I LOVE THEM . I'M BREATHING THE SAME AIR WITH THEM . I hate them . DAIKI YAMADA HARUNA were also here today . They are acting in KLCC for a dorama named KINDAICHI . I hate them .

Okay I want to take my bath. Jya ne !

p/s : someone is coming to my school today. unfortunately, I didn't go that school program today. that someone is a boy who likes me u_u lmao

Friday, September 6, 2013

cutie-holics .

Today is friday so I got a lot of time to update this bloggie. Not just update, I also touch-up this blog into a clean and clear and clean and clear blog. As I wish all this time.

Did you know what cutie-holics mean ? It's is my own definition of loving something that cute and adorable without thinking for one-two secs, you fall in love with it. got it? in simple way, it is your addiction to cute things. I do love adorable pens, notebooks, bows, hairband, miniature, shoes or anything.

Cute things are not difficult to found. Sometimes, the common 'kedai runcit' also got cute stationaries. I've went to a shop which is quite small and fortunately, I found a lot of cute mechanical pencils there. I am so excited that night because. . . my sister paid for it :p

Recently, I have bought some cute wooden clips. I don't know where I should use it because my bussy-board already got it own wooden clips which was given by Jia Ying as my birthday present last year. I really love that Girl's Generation wooden clip given by her. I miss you Jia Ying xoxo

It looks like brown and light purplish version of Rillakuma. Korean and chinese products are the best. Cheap and good in quality /sometimes/.  I also bought a nice light purplish notebook because my old notebooks are full already. At first, I want to buy a very cute animal motif notebook but it is quite thin and the price is higher than this one. So I make up my mind and bought this one. Thicker and cheaper. /stingy/ hahaha .

I really love my blog's changes. It does look kawaii and neat, for me. It tooks me one night to do it. one night. ONE NIGHT. haha okay I'm tired already. I wanna take my pretty sleep now. Good night !

/Countdown to my birthday next week ! aayayyyy/