Monday, June 27, 2011


slm , anyeongg ~
saje nal update blog .
tp x taw nak citer ape , so citer je lha ape yg terbaruu
td bace Allkpop (kpd yg da bace,bace je la balek :p)
pastuh tgok 2NE1 da buat "I Am the Best" live 
tp mane MV nye ? :( nakk tgokk ! :D 
copek la klua MV ^__^

woa , Dara's hair , stand !

then , check it out yg INTIZ release chat ranking
for the fourth week of June

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking
1. 2PM – “Hands Up” – 11,546 Points
2. f(x) – “Hot Summer” – 9,542  Points
3. 2NE1 – “I’m The Best” – 8,002 Points [ALL KILL]
4. Park Jung Hyun – “Stupid” (From “I Am A Singer”) – 4,663  Points
5. IU & Kim Yuna – “Ice Flower” ft. Kim Se Hwang – 4,390 Points
6. 4MEN – “To Live At Least Once” – 4,006 Points
7. SECRET – “Starlight Moonlight” – 3,310 Points
8. 8eight – “Covering Those Lips” – 2,996 Points
9. Kim Bum Soo – “Love Is Leaving” – 2,887 Points
10. B2ST – “On Rainy Days” – 2,172 Points

p/s : yg PINK tu , I LOIKE and addicted.
yg RED tuh i loike secret but not addicted to starlight moonlight songs sgt lha,comel sgt .

wahh , Hands Up 1st :D 2NE1 just release 3 days ago
tp dah num 3 da . wahh :D


then , (hehe cite lg)
2pm comeback live stage . Hands Up yeah ! ^^
chansung-ahh~~ <3

ade lagu Like A Movie jugakk 

suke part junsu , "Bba ji do ruk"

*put ur hands up* keke

Friday, June 24, 2011

naega jeil jal naga!

 2NE1 unleashes their newest single, “I Am The Best”

naega jeil jal naga~ naega jeil nal naga~ 

i'm addicted with that part oleady :D

so .. feast your ears below :D



2NE1 eh eh ~ <3

x suke

ahh , x suke , x suke ><
smalam , tgh jg gerai mak kite kat expo
pastu kene dok kat dpn (entrance) tok bg leaflet 
pastu de dak dtg ..
"budak tudung purple , nk no phone? "

seriously muke aq mcm ni
da la slh ckp , aq pakai swaeter purple lha mak cekk , dkn tudng purple
pastu aq pndg muke kakaq aq , pndg muke die & pndg muke kakaq aq blek
*aq takott n terkezott sbenanye,x taw nak jwb pe*
kakq aq pon slamatkan keadaan dgn kate " ayh die x bg"
pastu bdk tu ckp "oh,xpela" and pegi . kwn die kte 
"lenk kali bg la slm dulu ko nih"

ahh , xkan bengong namenye tu . aq x sukee >___<
laen la kalo Gikwang yg tegor , aq ajak kawen tross !

haha . pastu die dtg balek lalu kat gerai aq
terase mcm hampeh -_-" 
nak je aq bwat camni kat muke die
xpela , biar je la . lalu lha kau , ade aq kesah
kalo BEAST lalu q mmg terSANGAT kesah :)

hihi . tu je nak citer . 
masih dlm keadaan Culture Shock act ni O_O

BEAST fever lagii

haa , click that link ntok basuh baju
konfem wangi psl ade BEAST ><
maaaaaakkk , B2ST dtg lg bape ary je lg
*bunyik mcm pegi je* :(

ahh , FAN MEETING plak tuhh >:( 
gikwang nii , xnak bg tix free pon kat gf die nihh
xpe , nnty tix gi haji xnak bwk oppa :p hehe

pastu , B2ST nih x serik2 bwat aq jerit n terkezutt
MTV World Stage pon korang ade lagii *terSEKSA*
ayyoo ~ yg seko nih dok mghrp contest je la haa
nak beli , hmm , kalau mesin ATM tu aq punye ,
OK je ! *tringat lgu OK - B1A4*

haissh , gile lha aq mcm ni kalo stahun B2ST dtg byk kali :\

err ..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

B2UTY , try jugak yer :)

hee , da byk sgt jumpe tag ni dkt Kpoppers's Blog :) so , try jugak psl di-tag kan kat all b2uty kan ? hee~ 
okay , I start it NOW :)
1. Kenapa korang suka B2ST ?   
Cuz lgu diorang best! and members sume comel2,hot and cool ;DD (esp Gikwang! xD)

2. Siapa antara ahli B2ST nampyeon korang ?

Gikwang anak kepade mr Lee ;p

3. Oppa pulak ?   

All members are my oppa <3

4. Lagu yang korang suka. Pilih 3 :

 3 je .. hmm , a)Beautiful b)Say No c)Fiction
5.Kalau korang boleh tukar badan
dengan ahli B2ST, korang nk tukar dengan siapa ?

yoseob kott cuz die rangke kecik . kurus :)

6.Korang rasakan , korang cemburu nampyeon korang rapat dgn siapa ?
Dgn Hyosung , Yoona , Min , Victoria HAHA ;p

7. Siapa layak untuk Oppa korang?
Junhyung - HyunAh

DooJoon -  Shin Se Kyung hehe

Gikwang - Me !

- IU ?? hmm , idk

- Lee Minjung

- Narsha haha :D

8.Kalau korang diberi masa 1 perkataan , perkataan apa yg korang cakap dekat B2ST ?
Oppa , im your future wife ! ;p

9.Kalau korang dpt bercuti dgn B2ST , tempat mana yg korang nk pergi ?

Paris , France or Barbados, Caribbean or Bruges 

 10. Download satu gmbar B2ST yg menyenangkan hati korang .

11. Berdasarkan gambar yg korang download , siapa yg plg cool ?
x taw nak pilih sape ><

12. Siapa yg plg hensem dlm gambar ?
Gikwang kot . tp semue hensem jugak lahh :)

13. Kenapa gambar yg korang download menyenangkan hati korang ?
psl diorang senyum , nmpk dorky ~

14. Tag 3 org chingu B2UTY anda .
Semue B2UTY da di-automatickan di tag :)

15. Say that you love B2ST .

 Oppa , saranghaeyoo~~ ! the sec group that can make me DROOLS,ADDICT,SMILE and LAUGH

err... O_o

B2UTIES Please read this :l

Okay One of the korean B2UTIES (cr: Gina Lee) inboxed me yesterday, it’s about B2ST’s coordi noona. Here i will copy and paste. Admin J.NA is making a petiton so i’m posting this so B2UTIES won’t get confused :l
This is what the korean B2UTY inboxed me:
Anyway, i was just surfing the the korean net just few hours ago and i found something very upsetting.
Just the background first. Within the idol groups, there is one particular coordinator. She was first a dbsk coordinator, then she became snsd’s. then after than she became lee hyo ris, then became shinees just recently. the problem is that shes been known really famous with ALL idol fandoms that she is a mean, harsh, disobedient, a fox, and a pervert. With the dbsk fans they were really angry with her, because she touched their bodies more then she needed to, and pretended to be so cute with the members. When having fan meetings, (shinee time) she would stick right next to the members and glare at the fans who get signatures and look down at them. When the fans send fan letters and presents etc to the members, the managers and the coordinator’s job is to just give it to the members. But this coordinator, would open them up herself, and read it then rip it and put it in the bin without letting anyone know. When she was a coordinator for snsd, she wold wear her tracksuit to work and be careless with her job. But when she works with shinee and dbsk, she would wear miniskirts and keep back hugging them infront of everyone. 
This is one story that a shinee fan had explained. She was a normal kroean highschool student, and she went to this shinee fan meeting with her friends. She tried to meet her biases and she was so excited. But the coordinator was there, and made a huge change. When the members weren’t seeing she would push the fan’s heads with her hair brush telling them to f**k out of her way, and look down on them. Once as a joke at the fan meeting this fan yelled loudly “jonghyun oppa! marry me!” and all the members took it as a joke and laughed at it, and then dunno why but the coordinator got involved and yelled back “Hes not going to marry a stupid and ugly idiot like you, ur hopes should be gone!!!!!” and then the place went all quiet.
After the fan meeting, this group of girls were standing, and then complained to the coordinator when she went by. the coordinator swore at them and laughed at them with pity, and asked “you guys are so stupid. Is this really a big thing - to see a celebrity? i see shinee’s naked body everyday.” and brag about it.
Then, the fans were so upset that they tried to leave the spot, and then suddenly the coordinator took one of their girls hand and then rushed to search for a phone in their pocket. She was looking through the fone and then said “phew, good thing you guys weren’t recording what i’ve said. I would have killled you guys if you did” then she threw one of the fan’s fone at pitched it at the ground and left the spot. 
Also at this showcase - backstage, where all fans could see, apparently jonghyun’s zipper was down =,= she could have just told him to put it up, instead she put the zipper up herself. The fans got mad and called her a perve, and she didn’t seem to mind. She would act so kindly to the male idols and would be a rude, bitch, and an antagonist to the fans and the girls. She is like a legend to all fandoms, and when she moved to shinee the dbsk fans warned shinee fans about her because they had to deal with her before. The thing why i am telling you this, is because..
Right now on naver (korean site) is crraaaaaazzy with b2uties being upset. That legend has moved to work with beast, and everyone is sad about what would happen next. I’ve always heard about this coordinator for the past “6” years from when she was working with dbsk - from their debut. She was a bitch, and everyone thought of her as a pervert. I can send you pics and that if you want me to. this really isn’t just a “Fan” problem, she got sacked by sm entertainent, jyp entertainment, then 2 other entertainments for her misbehaviour and fan treatment. Now she is with Cube entertainment. She has already began her actions, beast just recently had their fan meeting and she would stick right next to them and wont move. A korean b2uty asked her to give her drawing to junhyung oppa, and explained it took 16 hours to draw. apparently her dream was to be an artist and she was amazing. But the coordinator looked at the drawing, smirked and ripped it into pieces on the spot and put in the bin, then went to back hug junhyung.
The korean fans know, few days ago after inkigayo, you know how managers and coordinators are liek… 24/7 next to groups. She was back hugging junhyung tightly, and the members just usually took it as a joke and being friendly. But she was always like that. Few hours ago why this rose agains is because after inkigayo or something i dunno xDD
after their performance when they were leaving to their vans there was a fancam recording junhyung back hugging the coordinator as he was walking, and being friendly. B2uties were hell angry.
Yeahh, thats the story. Its much more serious than you think, i’ve been reading blogs off korean b2uties and some of their words are like :
“To you, we may be nothing ; just like you treat us as rubbish. We buy 20 albums so we can get 1 signature of beast, and wait for days at the door of music bank etc to see beast just for 3 minutes on stage. When beast cry we cry, when they are happy we are happy. When i have hard times i push myself to feel positive because i can see beast. It doesn’t matter beast doesn’t know my face, because i know them. It doesn’t matter that they dont love me as a person, because i love them. To you we might be mental, but this is how all fans feel. Korean fans - us, we draw beast for 20 hours rubbing out, drawing, rubbing out and drawing all over again by the thought that beast might not like it. We take the time to just see the face of beast when they see our drawings, and you just rip them into pieces and leave to hold hands with beast. Is this how you could treat us?”
=,= TT-TT the net is like… crazy. I can give you the link to where junhyung , like playing with the coordinator.
well this is the story. You know how the different group fans always fight against each other. And do u know about beast ten minute? It was where last year in the dream concert when beast performance was on, the other fans would just sit there quietly for 10 minutes. Beast cried, and blaaaaah. -,-
But as soon as everyone knew this coordinator is now with beast, the shinee fans are warning each and every b2uties about her. im so upset TT-TT im hoping nothing bad will happen to beast. BTW jonghyun was hit on the head and psychically abused a lot by this coordinator on backstages. Im just hoping junhyung wouldn’t hurt our fans feelings and would understand us. And not be too friendlY! :(
- Via Yong Junhyung & Lee Gikwang page - 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

morning :)

ganas kan tido ? ^^"
anyeong :) good morn ^o^
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .
im watching , stalker-ing those new kpop group .
some of them sounds quite OK (cannot lwn the old one laa)
but the boys , muke a little bit "budak2" sikit 
oke lha kott . mane taw nnty diorang da besa sket , hensem lha tuhh :)


after that , tgok Sunny Hill punye new MV ( watch bcoz Kikwang appears in the MV) :p
  It was also assumed that Gain ( Brown Eyed Girls) and,, IU,, would appear in the MV alongside Beast‘s Kikwang because they were both featured in the MV teasers... 
However,, only Kikwang appears in the MV.

errr ,, the girl with the short hair seems too fierce heheh


then , i GOOGLE Ulzzang members pic .
two of them is my fren ON fb only . hehe 
they r couple . both r so cute+pretty+handsome *jealous* buehehehe
they r my fav Ulzzang members , Park Ji Hyun & Kim Ji Yoo
eonnie , saesang :)
smart nyee xD
ahh , eonni , kyeopta ><
i think they r the cutest couple on Ulzzang :D
even if u search on tumblr , there were soo many pic of them (woa, mcm idol pulak)
little bit look like Go Hara :D
i loike ^^

the end :)

LOL haha xD
haha , act, i just write the post above . but suddenly i 
 saw a SHOCKING news lha jugak

 " It's OVER!!!
Park Hyung Seok a.k.a Ji Yoo and Park Ji Hyun, this couple has ended!!! ᅲ.ᅲ And Jihyun is not a model for Arooki which is a female shopping mall from Aboki, where Hyungseok is a model there, anymore. "

omo , lol , just post bout them few min before .. (terpakse EDIT post ni balek)
hehe , pelik jugak psl mse bukak fb Hyung Seok , die nye status single
tp still ade gmbr Ji Hyun .. hmm . bia la .
ade kene mngene ngan aq ke ? =_=" hee takziah lha yee
seems like it's already over ..

the END

 p/s : fest time tulis psl Ulzzang :]

Monday, June 6, 2011

happy birthday :D

saengil chukahaeyo Dongwoonie Oppa !
wish had a good health :)
birthday boy! the magnae in B2ST !

new things :DD

just now , i got new watch (old one already stop ticking , cuz dropped 
down on the floor)
quite same . red stripe , white border but mine is colourful inside :)
 and also
BIG BANG's signature pics & SNSD's signature pic !
OH ! really really COOL !
one of the Big Bang pic were sponsored by my bro ;D
and the SNSD were sponsored by my sis ;D
thnx yaw !
oppa , i want that DSLR

yea . love all those things :))

haha . juz for fun ^^ poor daesung oppa due to the accident case :(

my sec time dreaming of GD&TOP !

wake up , wake up and wake wake up *singing Son Dambi's song*
 hey u , good morning :) already breakfast ? good !
and dun forget to make up ur bed , take ur bath and open the windows
cuz insyaAllah , the "rahmat" will come to u :)
so , lastnight , what u guys have dream bout ?
maybe not SPECIAL like me :p rofl
bhahaha , but lastnight dream cant get out ffrom ma head maa
cuz it was GD & TOP ! omg O_O
u know what ? i HUG GD's hand ><
omo ! but i wish i hug TOP more ;p
and when GD smile at me ... ouh !
and when TOP was in hurry called GD , GD still said
"wait a min , just one pic only" (but act, we take 3-4 pic) haha
im quite dissapointed wif TOP bcoz he doesnt wanna take pic 2gether
-im TOP BIAS actually-

hahahahahah . just hug him in ma DREAM laa .
i wish it was truueee :)) :p

p/s : i wanna BEAST in my dream tonite *pray*

Saturday, June 4, 2011

my mood rite now :)
yehaaaaa ~~ 
did u smell something fishy or something nice ?
haha . lol . haha
did u something different ? yeah ! that's sooo good :D
my blog already changed into great new look ( perasan )

but maybe more KOREA + KPOP ;p
watever :) as long as i love it , i dun care what netizens says 
and THANK YOU very much to my great BLOG TUTORIAL TEACHER :)
and this cool BLOG forever for those idea to put my gadget :)

u guys are daebak :D
Gomawo gomawo *bow*