Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day break

Hush hush , hush hush~
It's Sunday oleady . Tomorrow got exam . Science paper . AAAAAA i dun remember form 1's topic a lot . kyaaaa , I'm dead +___+ even my eyes oleady became red and it hurts very much . neomu neoum apa .

I dont know what I should write here rite now . HOHOHO im super blank . Actually , I wanna show guys some of my beloved stuff in my room . My friends always love to check out my pencil case because they love my funky and cute designs of pens and mini notebook :D They were like "aaaa everything in here are just cute >///<" . muahahaha . I got a lot of design but some of my friends make exchange pens with me because they love my pens xD sounds like "sistem barter" . lol . Then , my superrrr BINGIT alarm ! that alarms help me a lot lololol .  Next to that alarm is  japanese cute character frame . After that , the LOLITA dolls . My grandaunty bought it at Japan long time ago . Two of them , one for me , one for my sis . So japanese lolita's style .

Oh yeah , yesterday I went to Ampang , got wedding there . During waiting for my mom in the car , I played with the camera . muahahah . kyaaa , u can see my beloved pinkeu handbag ~ I love the simple packaging door gift . Ribbons and the doilies make it look sweet <3

Lastly , my pic ! HAHAHAHHA . oke bye . lol . my mom said that if I go to Australia , I must wear like that <3 awww . I cant wait for July ! InsyaAllah ! Pray for me ! I wanna follow my sis to Australia too . We gonna make the passport this wednesday . weee ~ after this , I can go to Japan ! lol purse bukak keluar kupu-kupu , ada hajat nak pegi Japan -___-'' tsk tsk . Yuuuu-channnnnnnnnnnn !

p/s ; I've downloaded Korean and Japanese fonts ! <3 Superr kawaiii and awesome . Jya !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why entry needs title ? -____-''

Gyosha ! Gyosha ! Gyosha gyosha gyosha ~! *Gyoza*
Im back to write sumthing mumthing in this blog again ^^ kyaa ! Im falling in love with Rin & Len again . It happens when I watch their Butterfly on your shoulder LIVE perfomance . I cant believe that I fall in love with a character . An anime character who are actually a computer made singer .__. I still cant believe that there are too many fans of Vocaloid out there and they can spend their money for that concert . It's just an illogical things that happen now . And Im one of the fans . HAHAHA lol -___-'' but . . . .  but . . . . their songs are awesome TT____TT

Here the pics of Kagamine Rin that I drew at school yesterday . Hoho . I know it's kinda sucks >///< dont judge my drawings . HAHA >w<

I also drew some new characters , my own characters . It's hard to draw the same characters for many times . I salute those who can draw comics and manga characters ! And those who makes anime , that's really really brilliant ! I thought I wanna give name to these characters . Hyume Zac . H stands for Hidayah . Yu stands for Yuto, Me stands for kaME and Zac is my sis nickname = HYuMe Zac. HAHA perfect combination ne (?) lol

Jeng ! This morning , I rocking this house with HSJ songs ! muahahahah . Ok . I dun know whats the function I tell you guys bout this . muahahha . This is my second time attaching device at the tv . hoho .

Ok bye !

Friday, May 4, 2012

One bright morning . . .

HAHAHHA . LOL . wat the heck with my post title -____-'' it's noon now , not morning actually -____-''
Im sooo boring rite now . Im boring . boring . boring . home alone . the word BORING reminds me to a Thai movie , BoonChu 10 :D hehe~ It's a nice movie ! I still remember the doctors phrase , "Ei Ei" "Kri Kri" and bla bla bla,so on . HAHA . He said that it's good word to flirt girl . lol xD

Besides , I've also watch this movie before . Crazy Little Thing Called Love . I bet many peoples already watch it . This movie is just too cute >///< cute love story ! and a very interesting romantic comedy movie ! If you guys never watch it , please , pleasee , watch this ^^

HAHAHA omg since when I love Thai movie ._. HAHAHA oh I still remember ! The first Thai movie that I watch was Ong Bak . Kyaa ! It's a Muay Thai action movie . Hayyaaa , wachaa ~~ 

Yesterday , during 'prep' , I bring along my netbook . I wanna show Hey Say Jump to Satsuki and Shid . Satsuki said "Wow . Too much fan service o__o.But Super Delicate is best and in that PV , they r KAKOII.I dont think Malays can do like Jpop and Kpop" HAHAHAH sugoiii ! (Y) xD

And not surprisingly , Syid love Yamada . HAHAHA . dah agak dah . Everytime I show Hey Say Jump to others , they always love Yamada and make Yamada as their bias . Yamada is good in flirting these guys .___. HAHA ehhh -__-''

Im dowloading a LOT of Hey Say Jump's video rite now ! *jumping jumping* Guys , take a glance at my Tokyo Hive songs folder ^________^

This is not enough . I must download more ! ^O^

愛で 愛で いっぱいになって ~ ai de ai de ippai ni natte ~

- I miss WHOOPERS . Chingu,bogoshippo ! -

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Peng .__.

peng peng !
Just now , I watch Go LALA Go ! movie . A chinese movie . Act I dun wanna watch tv >///<demo . . .  demo . . .  AAAAAAA the movie is quite interesting and the movie hypnotized me (⌒▽⌒) . Plus , the movie was directed by the woman herself . woaa , jotaaa . Isn't good if I'm a director and the actress is me and the actor is Yuto and then and then ! AAAAAAA HAHAHHAH . mwehehehe (・∀・)

And she also make a new movie last year , same actor and actress ! that must be interesting too . I wanna watch it ! AAAAA after exam , of course I'll watch the movie ! The MR.WIKI said that the movie is another new version of Go LALA Go ! kyaaaa ! the actor also grow some hairs :D HAHAH

Demo ! Before I watch "Dear Enemy" , I want to finish "Risou no Musuko(Perfect Son)" first ! OMG ! YamaJima is just too cute enough to make my heart 'doki-doki' ! heee~~ (^▽^) I just watch Episode 1 part 1 only ! I dun have time to watch this and that and this~ because of the coming EXAM ~ AAAA oke dun talk about EXAM . i hate -____-'' oh seriously , I cant wait to finish this drama . Daichi(Yamada) . . .  is a perfect son in that drama . I've watch the part that her mom eat the edible roses . HAHA his mom is good in making lie . lol xD And I laugh a lot  when her mom want her son be a PERFECTO because he can buy her a house . lololol the reason is unlogical xD mwahahahahah what is UNLOGICAL means ? oh dun search it at google or watever because it only exist in my dictionary . *crazy*  illogical xD

I tumblr-ing some YamaJima pics just now . And many people post bout "Many people HATE YamaJima" .__. oh seriously , why ? why they say that they r fake ?  .__. omg and they said that YamaChii is better . No offend that YamaChii is cute but YamaJima is adorable too .___. HAHA oke fine , idc , I like both . YamaChii , YamaJima , NakaChii , YabuHika , InooDai and all lah ! Aren't they just too captivating ? :)

Yatta ! Yatta ! Jya ~