Monday, February 28, 2011

s.p.e.a.c.i.a.l p.r.e.s.e.n.t

this coming 30th March , it is Gikwang's Birthday ! and i already wrapped the gift :) i give him A TROPHY :)
here r the things that i gave him and hyunseung :) and some sweet for B2ST members too ^^
Here r the trophy , with a man who is playing violin :) special for Gikwang :)
This is the 1st flip
2nd flip

this is the CARD :) (infront looks)
the back of the card (the beast pic,i edit that,is it nice?)

today , i touch-up and put some BEAST pic (i print & paste that on 6.30 a.m,b4 to school)

I give a speacial music bruch for Hyunseung :)

Taraaa~ here r the gift :) with cute lions pic ^^

Happy B2ST's 500th day ! yoseob :)

[TRANS] Thsnks B2UTY!^^

CR:BEASTYCN(Source; Janelle@bybeastyboys

Happy B2ST's 500th day ! doojoon :)

[TRANS] BEAST have reached the 500th day!!! B2uty that guard around us, do you know how much i love you all~~~~???? Probably because today is the 500th day, so there are 5goals!! Watched japanese version of Shock MV and was thinking that everybody have become handsome. Perhaps it’s because we received lots of love from everybody~~ Goodnight everybody!

[TRANS] A picture taken in the Raman shop, only got to post it now…

[TRANS] @beastdw Dont include me… ^^

[TRANS] With the village kid

Cr:BEASTYCN(Source); Janelle@mybeastyboys

Sunday, February 27, 2011

everyday I shock ! every night I shock !

After a long wait and much anticipation, B2ST’s music video for the Japanese version of “SHOCK” has arrived!
Four versions of their Japanese debut single will be released this coming March 23rd, of which their three limited editions will contain a combination of T-shirts, stickers, and DVDs of their MV and live performances.
You can read more info on their debut single release by clicking here.

The MV is So SHOCKingly BEST ! *melt* why u guys r so talented ?? even the pronounces in Japanese doesnt sound weird(sometimes,others Jap ver is kinda weird) GOOD JOB BEAST ! u make me SHOUT AS LOUD AS I CAN !*because my parents is not home* haha :DD

Check out their MV down below!

Happy B2ST's 500th day !

Dongwoon celebrates B2ST’s 500th day by thanking fans through fancafe :)

On February 27th, B2ST’s maknae Son Dongwoon thanked fans for their support in celebration of the group’s 500th day anniversary.
Through B2ST’s official fancafe, Dongwoon wrote, “This is Dongwoon. Today is B2ST’s 500th day. Our B2UTIES, who were more hurt than we were when people hated us more than they liked us.. Thank you for filling up our empty stage and our empty hearts. We’ll repay your unchanging love with an even bigger love. Thank you, genuinely.  ^^”
Early on in B2ST’s debut, the group met with criticisms over the diverse history and experience of the members, which brought out nicknames like ‘recycled group’. Over time, the group was able to move past those criticisms, and they’re rising to become one of Korea’s top boy bands.
Fans responsed, “B2ST was more hurt than us.. Thank you so much for doing well and succeeding to prove them wrong,” “You make me so happy to be a fan, nobody can’t say anything to you now, you know that right? Thank you for always working so hard,” “Fighting on your Japanese advancement. It’s already 500 days, time flies so fast,” and “Let’s not get hurt anymore. Aja aja!”
After completing their two-day encore concerts earlier this month, B2ST has now shifted focused onto their upcoming Japanese debut.

Source: Newsen via Nate and Allkpop

wallpaper design by me :)

tadaa ! im designing some wallpapers :) is it nice ?

hyunseung's wallpaper :)

Gikwang's wallpaper ^x^

BEAST Soom wallpaper :)

BEAST Lights Go On Again 1 and 2 :)

oh my !

oh my ! tomorrow is the time for me to send the gift *excited*
btw , surf this (MBB's blog) : Send Kikwang Birthday Gift @ myBeastyboys 
that is the one of my fav page of beast news :)

and the next contest is design contest for them! definitely join them ! of course !
haha! ^^ if i win , i can get welcome back to Beast airline concert goodie – BEAST Photobook !
kyaa ! *start designing now*  btw,im alone now :( my parents n ma bro is out ~ but its okay ! i can hear beast's songs as loud as i wan ! haha ! ^__^"