Monday, November 21, 2011

The infamous KAT-TUN captivate me
// woot woot

oh no ! KAT-TUN seducing me HAHAHA XD //poyoo nyaa XD
Actually , budak ini kene sengat dengan JPOP artist . No doubt , she's really a DIE-HARD-FAN of KAT-TUN now //really ?! daebakk o_o  . I'm a HYPHEN now ! //clapclapclap

How come I can stuck with KAT-TUN ? eojjeoda ?
It's start when I watched Gokusen 2 . Seriously , Jin & Kame are too hot to handle there :p
kekeke . It's also started from my sis . If she didnt tell me about Cartoon Kat-tun show , I'll never know that they are soooooo adorable + funny + kakoii + kawaii ^_^ 

Who's my bias in Kat-tun ?
Of course AKAME Kamenashi Kazuya :D the kind member which Jin cant bully him like he bully Nakamaru XD

I ship them alot !
Who ? of course AKAME <3 (Akanishi + Kamenashi) sometimes I lol a lot cuz Jin always take care of kame ;p There were rumor said that Jin leave Kat-Tun because his relationship has "been getting worse over the years with KATTUN, especially with Kamenashi Kazuya, it is as if their relationship is so broken that it cannot be fixed". LOLOLOL . Act , I trusted it when I read this before . But . Jin said that he never butthurt with others members . Of course , esp Kame . So , that's kinda sad (really really sad act) when Hyphens cant see any AKAME moments anymore now :(

KAT-TUN without Jin… c. Here’s what Akanishi Jin wrote in his Manual before leaving :
“Hello everyone it’s been long, I am Akanishi.

After finishing LA’s live, 
I am now preparing for the America’s tour
Am making new songs now.

I think everyone probably already know

This time round, I am proceeding to go solo.
If there is something to be said, it is that the direction is different.

Definitely not because I hate the members,
or that there are conflicts in our relationships or anything like that.
Everyone please be rest assured (laughs)
I like everyone.

About KAT-TUN, regarding small or big matters,

I have given a lot of trouble up till now,
sorry, thank you.
And it has been fun ( I have been happy ) *can be both ways

No matter what, allowing the supporting fans

to feel confused about these,
I am deeply sorry, 

Well, everyone.

Although the atmosphere seems like everything is ending
But this does not mean I will stop activities, 
Basically everything up still now is not going to change.

Singing, Acting and dance would all continue.

Just that to myself, it is like the concert in LA

If in the future, i could have activities in America, Asia, Europe etc
all sort of countries, it would be good.
Of course, I would want to have more activities in Japan as well, I humbly ask for your care and favour.

Please take care of me. (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)

Akanishi Jin”
So , it was his choice and now he's also success in L.A and gonna make Yellow Gold Tour this 30th Nov . GANBATTE ! //tsk tsk TT___TT . I cant imagine how Kame felt when Jin's gonna leave KAT-TUN . But now , KATTUN and Jin Akanishi already continuing their works successfully . I miss Kattun with Jin sooo much !

so , dont let your eyes teary . Let me recommend you some KAT-TUN funny cuts :D

Danger Danger BAKANISHI

Jin was jealous XD

and more funny moments in Cartoon KAT-TUN show ! A must-watch show ! :D pyongg~ See ya ! ^.-
//i think this is the longest post i've made XD

Akame's Die Hard Fan

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