Monday, August 13, 2012

Saengil Chukahamnida Channie Oppa !

Saengil chukahamnida ! Saengil chukahamnidaa ! saengil chukahanida Channie oppa ~ saengil chukahamnida~

To Gongchan oppa , thnx for being an idol and my bias . I noticed you when I watch "I only learned bad things'' MV , there is one part of you singing while wipe your tears . And I was so startled . So seducing ! hahaha you're good in this kind of thing yep ? lalala~~

Then , I watch B1A4 comeback last year , Beautiful Target , oh my , seriously , dat songs make me more interested in B1A4 ! I watch your first variety show , MTV Match Up and MTV Selca Diary . SO ADORABLE lahhh oppa ! I still remembered that you almost cry when you stuck in that store . I laugh so hard at that time because your tears make me also wanna cry . Every time your parents come , you will cry too and I will start to hickup . hahahahah . sounds like Im so obsessed with yeww .

The new variety show , Hello Baby is also fun and cute . with our daughter , Eunsol and his little brother , Hyunwoo , you guys are so perfect to make me giggle alone . Not just in Hello Baby , the best variety show of B1A4 is Sesame Player ! so funny and funny and cute and a lot of craziness . I love u guys a lot ! It's hard for me to fangirling a.k.a obsessed with rookie group and B1A4 manage to captivate my heart :) 

So , take care of yourself and take care of your health !! Please stay healthy ! Dont struggle a lot just because of your carrier . Your body is the main things . Smile always puppy chan ! xoxo

Jya ne ! Baby good nite , jal cha good nite ~ <3

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