Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Maybe more girlish

HAHHA let me laugh on the title first. Okay, that was referring to the new look of this blog. Seriously, I think it's kinda morea girlish especially with the ribbons and the pastel colors. I love pastel colors very much. They are too sweet, soft and calm colors.

Look at the header ! It's owl theme. I love my shirt's color so I make the header based on my shirt's color. The background of this blog is not cream in color right ? It's hard for me to search polkadots background which is cream in color -_- 

So what do you think of the new look ? Better, right ? ngeeeee ^^

I've to update the drama/movie reviews page and tutorials&recipe collection page quickly. It looks empty. The were a lot of reviews were saved in drafts but I don't post it yet. I'll do this tomorrow , maybe. I'm kinda lazy now. sounds like I'll gain my weight again this holidays -_-

lol okay I've to go to bed now . It's time to sleep ! 

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