Monday, February 28, 2011

s.p.e.a.c.i.a.l p.r.e.s.e.n.t

this coming 30th March , it is Gikwang's Birthday ! and i already wrapped the gift :) i give him A TROPHY :)
here r the things that i gave him and hyunseung :) and some sweet for B2ST members too ^^
Here r the trophy , with a man who is playing violin :) special for Gikwang :)
This is the 1st flip
2nd flip

this is the CARD :) (infront looks)
the back of the card (the beast pic,i edit that,is it nice?)

today , i touch-up and put some BEAST pic (i print & paste that on 6.30 a.m,b4 to school)

I give a speacial music bruch for Hyunseung :)

Taraaa~ here r the gift :) with cute lions pic ^^


  1. cmne akak nk bagi hadiah ni dkt dieorg?
    tpi cntik sngt la...

  2. hehe,,thank u very much :D
    akak hatar kat wakil b2uty malaysia .. nnti,diorang hnta kan bende nih kat beast ^^
    *excited* x sabar nak tggu gikwang bkk hadiah nih ^_____^