Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy B2ST's 500th day !

Dongwoon celebrates B2ST’s 500th day by thanking fans through fancafe :)

On February 27th, B2ST’s maknae Son Dongwoon thanked fans for their support in celebration of the group’s 500th day anniversary.
Through B2ST’s official fancafe, Dongwoon wrote, “This is Dongwoon. Today is B2ST’s 500th day. Our B2UTIES, who were more hurt than we were when people hated us more than they liked us.. Thank you for filling up our empty stage and our empty hearts. We’ll repay your unchanging love with an even bigger love. Thank you, genuinely.  ^^”
Early on in B2ST’s debut, the group met with criticisms over the diverse history and experience of the members, which brought out nicknames like ‘recycled group’. Over time, the group was able to move past those criticisms, and they’re rising to become one of Korea’s top boy bands.
Fans responsed, “B2ST was more hurt than us.. Thank you so much for doing well and succeeding to prove them wrong,” “You make me so happy to be a fan, nobody can’t say anything to you now, you know that right? Thank you for always working so hard,” “Fighting on your Japanese advancement. It’s already 500 days, time flies so fast,” and “Let’s not get hurt anymore. Aja aja!”
After completing their two-day encore concerts earlier this month, B2ST has now shifted focused onto their upcoming Japanese debut.

Source: Newsen via Nate and Allkpop

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