Friday, March 4, 2011

debate ohh debate !

haha ! i cant believe that my teacher recommended me to Ms.Shamini for DEBATE ! seriously ouh my gosh !
teacher ! i want drama !! >< pleaseee!!! im not interested in debate -___- but what to do ~~
drama , drama , drama ~ I WANT TAKE PART IN DRAMA !! ㅠㅠ poor me .. im stuck :'(
 b2st oppa ! please ask my teacher to convert me into drama please ㅠㅠ

Btw , even im a little bit sad on the debate case , but im still HAPPY cuz today , my bro bougth me two PIZZA HUT ! oh my ! with the CHEEZZYYY FLAVOORR ~~ oh my ! im gaining fat again ! but idc ! 
its the best yummy delicious food :D haha !
jealous ? ;p

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