Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oreo from Jeddah

he he ~ just back from school ! :D ufufufu~tired lorh ~ my PJ teacher ask us to make some exercise .. and it is so tiring ~ skipping , dumbbell , running , run up the stairs and bla bla bla ,, have to do all 10 activity in 10mins . and the result is MY LEG IS HURT ><" haha ;D but,it's okay :) kinda lyke it too :) cuz can reduce my fat haha ^^"  lol ~

 actually , i wanna show you Oreo tht my brother bought in Jeddah ^^ he just back from Egypt few weeks ago(because of the riots) .. and now he is climbing the mountain nearby *im alone again,my mom has "kursusss" @ Seremban , my father is doing some works  " * .... haha ...
u.r.i.y.u ^^" hee~

Twist , Lick & Dunk ! :D

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