Tuesday, June 7, 2011

morning :)

ganas kan tido ? ^^"
anyeong :) good morn ^o^
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .
im watching , stalker-ing those new kpop group .
some of them sounds quite OK (cannot lwn the old one laa)
but the boys , muke a little bit "budak2" sikit 
oke lha kott . mane taw nnty diorang da besa sket , hensem lha tuhh :)


after that , tgok Sunny Hill punye new MV ( watch bcoz Kikwang appears in the MV) :p
  It was also assumed that Gain ( Brown Eyed Girls) and,, IU,, would appear in the MV alongside Beast‘s Kikwang because they were both featured in the MV teasers... 
However,, only Kikwang appears in the MV.

errr ,, the girl with the short hair seems too fierce heheh


then , i GOOGLE Ulzzang members pic .
two of them is my fren ON fb only . hehe 
they r couple . both r so cute+pretty+handsome *jealous* buehehehe
they r my fav Ulzzang members , Park Ji Hyun & Kim Ji Yoo


eonnie , saesang :)
smart nyee xD

ahh , eonni , kyeopta ><
i think they r the cutest couple on Ulzzang :D
even if u search on tumblr , there were soo many pic of them (woa, mcm idol pulak)
little bit look like Go Hara :D

i loike ^^

the end :)

LOL haha xD
haha , act, i just write the post above . but suddenly i 
 saw a SHOCKING news lha jugak

 " It's OVER!!!
Park Hyung Seok a.k.a Ji Yoo and Park Ji Hyun, this couple has ended!!! ᅲ.ᅲ And Jihyun is not a model for Arooki which is a female shopping mall from Aboki, where Hyungseok is a model there, anymore. "

omo , lol , just post bout them few min before .. (terpakse EDIT post ni balek)
hehe , pelik jugak psl mse bukak fb Hyung Seok , die nye status single
tp still ade gmbr Ji Hyun .. hmm . bia la .
ade kene mngene ngan aq ke ? =_=" hee takziah lha yee

seems like it's already over ..

the END

 p/s : fest time tulis psl Ulzzang :]

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