Thursday, July 14, 2011

tige penjuru :(

firstly , i wanna say SOO SORRY to my parents cuz im not doing my best on 
this mid year exam . i know , when i got 6A on the last exam , i think i can get more 
than that during mid year exam . but , unfortunately , the unexpected things is
i got 3A , 4B and 1C . OMG ! that's toooo badddddd !!! :'(
i know im too LEKA with kpop during exam ! i know its my fault !
mianhaeyo omma & appa :(
i know im disappointing you ..
i promise ! i'll do my best this coming exam ! yes , i promise !
cuz i know that naega jeil jal naga ! 

i'll show to my parents 
I can be the best student ! the best result ! the best among my friends !

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