Saturday, September 17, 2011

B1A4 aim you as "Beautiful Target"

16.09.2011 . It's B1A4 time ! yeah ! Oh My BEAUTIFUL TARGET . Zoom zoom my heart like a rocket !
yeah ! BANA were very very excited waiting for the MV on that day ! and yeah , night before , someone leak that song . ouh , poor B1A4 , but yeah , im excited when hear their songs that nite ! neomu neomu addicting !

and also KPOP BLOGGER members . that nite , we mostly talk bout B1A4 comeback :)
and super excited on the next day , the MV released ! check out the MV below !

and yeah , even GONGCHAN hair was curly like maggi mee , i still melt when watch him ! awww <3

ahhhhh !!

on that day , me and Mawar Berduri were busying make a top rated comment from Malaysian Bana :)
please click the picture untuk lg jelas :)

Nie mase dah post :)

keje aq : post kat channel B1A4

excited ! :D

Kerje kerje mengepost comment

ni lah comment nye ! :)

idea asal dr aq .. tp blank nak buat ayt ape..
that's all :] someone said that B1A4 read our comment when they released the MV :)
hmm , who knows , wish they read ! hee ^^

if they read , im gonna faint ! ahhh ~~

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