Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What a butthurt mates ;_;

Just an update from me. I don't know what I should write today . I just get permission to online tonight . Erm, maybe actually I should said that my sister asked me for help just now and I already helped her about 1 hours ago . Meaning, my hands who are the one that really stubborn to click the shutdown button -.- nehhh . 

I miss Sydney . ehh ? no I mean I wanna go oversea someday a.k.a study oversea. But looking back at my sucks results, it maybe just a daydreaming for me to go oversea ;__; but PMR still not appear yet okayy. who knows~ hehe . I know that I still got two more years to prove my skills and my hardworks ! 

Back to the title, does the title sound quite mean ? hehe I don't care . If that 'alien' read this, or that 'alien's' friends or whatsoever, I still don't mind about it. Yes, because your statement few days ago make me butthurt and it hurts so much you know. Maybe I just said 'kurang hajar kau' to that 'alien', but I still felt that you are degrading me as your friend. Once you said that to me, I still can't forget about it. It just too hurt okay, neomu apaaaa ;_____;

Am I going to be a 'LOW MINDED' person if I go to that school ? Why you should say "LOW MINDED GILA KAU" ? Hey come on, that school is not bad . Why everybody were totally shocked and thought that I was kidding when I said that I wanna go to Sekolah Menengah Teknik ? Why ? Give me some brilliant reasons that make you guys said like that. Even my bestfriends themself seems like do not believe about it. Did you guys think that I am too good for those Elit Schools? 

I know my academics are not excel like you guys. At least, give me chance to think which is the best for me. Don't judge me and look at me with weird face . Am I seems like an alien who had just landed on the moon? I wanna take science streams but I afraid that I can't stable my study and my interest which is ART . And importantly, if I took part in science stream schools, such as sbp and mrsm, I afraid that I can't take those challenges. I'm not Albert Einstein who wanna make a physics theory. I'm not Neil Armstrong who can landing on the moon. I'm interested in science stream. YES, I AM INTERESTED . But still give me some chance to think. Even the PMR itself did not appear yet.People around me, please and please, don't give me tension. Please dont keep pushing me. Please don't keep saying that harsh words. I'm not applying for jobs. I'm just applying for schools.Got it ? Niceeuuu.

PMR - 13 more days to go. I know the time will decrease and the time will come. I am going to fight tooth and nail for a flying colours of result.InsyaAllah, I WILL !

Jya ~ My sister will back form Ausie this thursday. 愛してる~

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