Thursday, October 11, 2012

Take a break with 'kid cat'

HAHAHA the title is ridiculous and the gif is scary when Areum suddenly cam out from Qri's body lol

Yeahhh at last, 6 papers were already over and 3 papers to go and then, freedom . I am really really afraid when my friends start to ask the teachers the answer . I was like e r r r r r r, s h u t u p g u y s . Then. Leong posted the English Paper 1's answer on 3 Pluto . Again, all the butterfly in my stomach already dance to 'Oppa Gangnam Style' aigooo . 

We got some tips form the tuition center and from the 'seminar' , but seriously I said, actually most of them want our money. What I mean is yeah, it's spot question. But when they are not giving all of the tips on the first week, and they are asking for about rm100++ for the sec week, which is the tips are actually the same things, it's just totally frustating. I'm not one of the victim but my friends are . Huhu . Don't make like this lahhh -.-

I'm craving for sketch book and pencil to draw. But, it's MAKRUH for a while . lol . noooo, if I start to draw something, I'll forget bout anythings such as books . But I'm totally miss them and my hands will asking for a pencil to draw. Wait dayah wait , just few days more to go, then you can draw 24/7 hours per day HAHA .

T-ARA came to Malaysia on 3rd October ago. I'm totally frustated and my heart hurt a lot. I wanna watch my Qri eonni LIVE ! TT____TT omonaaaaa, Qri eonni, neomu neomu chowahae . I want to hear Areum eonni's rap part in Sexy Love too . Aigoo, Qri eonni, wae you hurt my feelings .  Nandeeee . OMG I can imagine Qri eonni smile on the stage and dance the robot part perfectly and Areum eonni do her rapping part while dancing like a robot and I'll definitly ASDFGHJKKLADSHGFGHJKL . kehh fine . It's already over. Then, before that, B1A4 and APINK showcase . Yeah , thanks for make me super duper hurt + die. thanks a lot . Namjoo and Gongchan, I hate both of you . okayyy fineeee 'derpfaceuu.jpg' . lalalalaa~

Mollkang Mollkang byong byong !

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