Friday, December 7, 2012

10 Poster/Graphics Challenges { Task 1 }

This is a posters / graphics challenges from Ravin . Eventhough I dont have photoshop because my lappe was breakdown, I download Photoscape in my bro lappy and do this challeng using photoscape (Y) this is a BIG challenge for me . So let me listdown my bias first .

1. Heechul
2. Gongchan
3. T.K
4. Miura
5. Jesse
6. Sungyeol
7. Chanyeol
8. Yuto
9. Jerry Yan
10. Kame

So, the first task asked us to make a poster to 'introduce our self or our interests using bias '4 photo. Make it as a romcom poster/graphic' . Seems like it is Miura-san picture ! This is what I've made for the task 1 :)

Im satisfied with my first task . Yatta ! I'm excited to make the second task . I dont play with photoscape for quite looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time .

 Dah la aku buat ni dekat ruang tamu pasal wifi lappy ni masalah . So, aku punya lah bersorok sorok pasal nanti ayah eden nampak muka bakal menantu dia ewahhh malu eden . HAHAHA . sakit pinggang aku duduk atas lantai . phewwww . dah la buat guna photoscape , rasa macam dah bengkok tulang belakang ala ala sea horse . k dusta :b