Friday, December 21, 2012

Music Bank Special Year End

Yayyy \O/
This evening, I watched Music Bank Special Year End performances and it was daebak . One of my favorite performance is BTOB and BAP Dance Battle ! They look so cute seriously when I switch on my tv, it was their stage performance and at first I was like 'EHHHH , EXO ?!?!' and then I saw BTOB's Minhyuk . I laughed so hard. HAHA I thought it was EXO because I saw one of the BTOB members looks like EXO members. I dont know , I just wake up at that time. A little bit dizzy or 'mamai' something HAHAHAH.

For girls performances, I prefer 94-liners Soohyun, Sulli, Krystal, Jiyoung and Suzy maybe. It's because all of them are cute especially my Sulli . Eunji eonni is so cute too, I love her dress. Miss A Jia was so hot there with her hairstyle and yeah, Miss A always hot. T-ARA was kinda matured there. I thought they will wear the gown dress. That'll make their stage looks better and cheerful like others.

So, some people seems like Juniel and Niel's duet so much ! I wish they record it as a real duet song. So I thought I'm gonna upload the audio of Be Ma Girl Acoustic Ver. and Loving You Namja Version . Just click the link below to download.

Juniel & Niel - Be Ma Girl Acoustic Ver.

Chunji Donghyun Zelo Sungjae - Loving You 

Girls Generation released a new MV called Dancing Queen. Not a new song, but just released :)
Okay enjoy ! :)

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