Friday, September 6, 2013

cutie-holics .

Today is friday so I got a lot of time to update this bloggie. Not just update, I also touch-up this blog into a clean and clear and clean and clear blog. As I wish all this time.

Did you know what cutie-holics mean ? It's is my own definition of loving something that cute and adorable without thinking for one-two secs, you fall in love with it. got it? in simple way, it is your addiction to cute things. I do love adorable pens, notebooks, bows, hairband, miniature, shoes or anything.

Cute things are not difficult to found. Sometimes, the common 'kedai runcit' also got cute stationaries. I've went to a shop which is quite small and fortunately, I found a lot of cute mechanical pencils there. I am so excited that night because. . . my sister paid for it :p

Recently, I have bought some cute wooden clips. I don't know where I should use it because my bussy-board already got it own wooden clips which was given by Jia Ying as my birthday present last year. I really love that Girl's Generation wooden clip given by her. I miss you Jia Ying xoxo

It looks like brown and light purplish version of Rillakuma. Korean and chinese products are the best. Cheap and good in quality /sometimes/.  I also bought a nice light purplish notebook because my old notebooks are full already. At first, I want to buy a very cute animal motif notebook but it is quite thin and the price is higher than this one. So I make up my mind and bought this one. Thicker and cheaper. /stingy/ hahaha .

I really love my blog's changes. It does look kawaii and neat, for me. It tooks me one night to do it. one night. ONE NIGHT. haha okay I'm tired already. I wanna take my pretty sleep now. Good night !

/Countdown to my birthday next week ! aayayyyy/

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