Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Wonders of the World 2012
Kame takde kene mengena dengan post ni XD

"Nature is full of infinite causes that have never occurred in experience" - Leonardo Da Vinci

7 wonders of the world are one of the article that I always wait every year . I love to see the wonders of the world . The awesome nature . The amazing structure which was build before I born . And yeah , I'll show you only 4 out of 7 tonight cuz Im kinda sleepy now ;~; Lets check it out below !

1.Iguazu Falls, Argentina

The Iguazu Falls, situated on a river of the same name in Argentina, spans the border between that country and Brazil. The falls itself, at 80 meters in height and 3 km wide, is an ensemble of numerous cascades and a surrounding vast canopy of subtropical rainforest. Popular tourist activities include boating, fishing, cruising and hiking.

2.Puerto Princesa Underground River, Philippines

A popular tourist destination, the 5 mile long (8.2 km) Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Dec. 4, 1999, for its ecological value. In addition, it features a limestone formation and an underground river that is reputed to be the longest navigable such river in the world. 

3. Halong Bay, Vietnam 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, Halong Bay is definitely a natural wonder. The evolution of limestone rocks in the bay illustrates the environmental impact of the tropical wet climate.  

4.Jeju Island , South Korea 
Jeju Island, or Cheju Island, a part of South Korea, is a popular romantic destination. The island is often described by one of two terms - "three abundance", referring to three abundantly found things on the island, i.e. rocks, wind and women; and "three non-existent", referring to the lack of crimes, the idea of gated residences and beggars. 

wow ! those place is totally great ! I wish I can go there one day . I really really wanna go to Grand Canyon or Machu Pichu . Tsk tsk , somebody , please take me there ~~~ ngeeeeeeeeee~
Orite , that's all for today ! nite nite <3 

Jojo suka Kame & Jin ! Omg ! JOJO ! I'm really really happy when I know someone from Whoopers like KAT-TUN TT^TT Please addict with them . Once you know them , u'll love them . trust me ^^ hehehe

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