Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kazuya Kamenashi's Facts
Korang tau tak hondsome tu ape ? ni , atas ni lah . *o*

Here some Kame's fact dat i wanna share with u guys ♥  :)  

1. When he was in Shogakko (elementary school) he was chosen as one of Japan's representative of an International Baseball Tournament(!) for shogakkusei (elementary school students)

2.He doesn't mind his girlfriend being jealous (of him). Because it made him feel like the girl really loves (wants) him. If she isn't the type to get jealous he'd try to make her too because he's definitely the type to worry over his girlfriend, and he'll feel calm if he knows she's worried about him, too. //bab-bab nak jealous ni kasi kat aku , dah lame jeles dgn si Anne tu pasal rapat dengan Kame . HAHA -.-''

3.He won't mind his girlfriend being selfish. I.e. if she suddenly calls up and wants him to come over, even if he got work the following day, he'll probably come. //Kame , jemput I balik sekolah please ! :p

4.He doesn't mind having arguments (with lovers) because after they got through that they can be closer. Things might get rough because of something, but if after that the two of them still want to be together then that's true love. //aaaaaaa bestnye gaduh dengan Kame *~*

5.He's the type of person that can say romantic things to your face with a straight face and mean it . //omo •.• kakoii~ 

Aaaaaaa ~~ Kame romantic . Nak je aku pegi Jepun sekarang rasenye . Kame , anata-ga suki desu, dai suki desu !

facts cr ; Chiisana Inori

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