Friday, January 27, 2012

Fan Fiction Cover Request - Whoopers Poster Shop

 السلام عليكم . こんにちは. 안녕 ^-^

Welcome to WHOOPERS Poster Shop ! We are poster maker . Here you can request awesome and adorable poster cover for your fan fic . And we do it for FREE :) Me, admin Kim Heedida is one of the designers there ^^ all of the designers's designs are sooo good . Check out our page HERE . Dun forget to read the rules first ! 

Oh yeah , these are some of my fan fic designs :)

Dont copy or steal my artwork kay ! Haram . 
Hope you guys like our artworks . Kbyee . Chow~


  1. Wao O.o cool >< ...
    may i know where you edit the cover??? please...

    1. I edit those covers using Adobe Photoshop CS3 , Photoscape and GIMP :)) thnx btw :)