Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{ Recipe Collection } Bento filler - Mini Sized Cabbage Roll

Bento ! I wanna bring bento to school ! urgh , I wish I can wake up more early than usual this thursday . I wanna make bento badly ;__; I wanna make those fancy and cute filling . Such as mini cabbage rolls, mini meatloaves, omelette rolls, chicken terayaki and more !   kyaaaa ~~~ image13.gif Oh just imagine I bring a cute Rillakuma bento to school ! omg . I know I just build castle in the air. HAHA okay forget bout it .

Tommorow , I have to attend Prefect Meeting . lol -.-'' i mean Prefect Course (?) ahhhh watever -.- I just hate attending something that begin in morning until evening image07.gif All day long hearing those motivation is quite tiring unless it got some fun activity , Im okay . Huh . But it's good too because I dont have to attend 1 Murid 1 Sukan that evening . I like Futsal but I kinda hate those "kecoh" seniors . Sorry to said but you guys really annoying . HAHA . lol  #jahat gila aku .__.'' k fine -.-'' . And yeah , tomorrow , we must wear that expensive shirts . Urghh~~ RM 30 for a shabby shirt . we HATE it but we HAVE to buys and wear it .


Thats all I wanna write today . Got exams this march . OMG . Seriously , Im dead because Im not ready for it yet . This Thursday , the KRK students's parents must come . They got meeting with the teachers . Okay . Im dead AGAIN . Kbye !

Itadaikimasu  ! image29.gif

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