Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crying infront of the screen :p

My heart feel like having 1001 feelings . lol u know what I mean right ?
The feeling is just like a mixture that cant be separated because it's already became a compound . tehee .

Happy | Gongchan

Tadi pergi kedai mamak 3 Abdul tu , then terfikir nak bukak allkpop . Jeng jeng jeng , keluar article pasal B1A4 tgh balik rumah masing masing , cuti rehat bersalin , eh tak , cuti rehat lepas album baru . Then , Gongchan reply tweet Jinyoung dengan gmbr dia pegang ayam dua dua belah . Omaigod , comel :'> dia cakap "Hyung! I’m eating chicken, while watching judo. I miss my hyungs," muka dia nampak happy . terharu /kesat hidung/ lepas tu CNU tweet , "Is the puppy feeling better? Eat a lot of delicious food, and don’t eat just anything you find. I miss you too." . Im glad that Channie was happy . He always show his adorable smile even he got kidney problems :'>

Crying I | T-ARA

T-ARA tengah hot dengan kesseu . lalala~ disband sana , disband sini . Hwayoung keluar . Rumours buli . Rasa nak nangis cuz I'm one of the Queen /rasa je tapi tak nangis pun/ Tak berpihak pada mana mana tapi berpihak kepada orang yg marah CCM (Y) patutnya disband je CCM tu . lol . Oh , and lagi satu , ME FOREVER HATE CONTRACTS . Because of contracts lah Hwayoung keluar and because of contract jugak lah DBSK berpecah kan ? hmm . tak boleh ke jadi artist sepenuh masa sampai ke tua -.- rasa mcm nak peluk Hwayoung je ;_; aaaa no more rapper comel tu ;_;

Crying II | Blood A

Hhehehehe yang ni kes lain pulak lol  ni nangis terharu pasal apa yg BloodTypes describe pasal darah A tu semua tepat ;___; seriously , me was like "aaaaaaaaaaaa daebak" ;__; read them below . .

Type A tend to keep all their anger inside, then explode at once
 Type A are always trying to look strong on the outside.
 Type A would sacrifice themselves for their partner. 
Type A are touched by the smallest things
Type A prefer a more comfortable atmosphere than a sophisticated one.
 Type A will back off after a while in an argument, especially when they are not so sure of their stand
Type A girls like to fantasize about what could have happened. 

Type A don't want to bring too much attention upon themselves, but secretly hope for a little recognition

Type A and Type O tend to be perfectionists.

Terharu :')) kbye nak gi skola :D


  1. dayahhh~ *o* lol haha eh,channie kita dah sihat eh?huhu...aku pun tak tahu nk ckp apa pasal t-ara ni ._." diam dulu jelah~ermm,kau blood A eh?aku blood type O xD lol tapi aku ni jenis yang cepat cemburu,rude,arrogant and vain xDD omg aku mmg cepat jeles ;_; oho best part is,aku share sama jenis darah dengan jaejoong,kris,myungsoo ;AA; lol :D err,aku curi2 online sebenarnya :P haha itu pun ayah aku je yg tau aku online~

    1. Un , channie dah sehat <3333 woaa , selalunya blood O lah yg aku rapat :) untunglah share dgn bias >< bestnyaa . hahahah bagusnye ayah mu kasi (Y)