Sunday, October 28, 2012

{ movie review } Hotel Transylvania

Last night, my brothers and I went to the cinema to watch movies . We don't have any idea what we should watch. At last, we choose 'Hotel Transylvania' . Oh yeah, 5 stars for this awesome animation movie from Sony Pictures . 100% funny and adorable dracula's story . It's more interesting love story compare to Twilight :p

HAHA . It's about a 121 years old 21 years old human name Jonathan found a cool hotel in the jungle and unexpectedly, it's monster's hotel. The owner of the hotel is Draco(Adam Sandler) which is a dracula and his daughter, Mavis(Selena Gomez). It's Mavis 118 birthday and her one of her birthday wishes is to see the real world, human world. Unfortunately, Draco doesn't allow her to see the real cruel world.

This is the cutest part ever HAHAHHAHAH omg everybody in the cinema was rolling on the floor laughing when mavis do this expression. She wanna go to HA-WEE-WEE ( Mavis's style of HAWAII ). She found her mother's postcard which written 'Paradise : everything is here in Hawaii' . I think lah, something like that.

HAHAHHA and this skeleton make my stomach laugh so hard. When Jonathan want to try to put his hand between the ribs to try whether the skeleton is real or not, the skeleton's husband was so mad at him XD
Then, Draco's was looking for a room at the cellar, but he open a wrong door, it's the bathrooms and again, the skeleton's husband was really really mad while yelling "What had happened to you guys today?" HAHA

special menu on the list, SCREAM CHEESE which is looks so edible :9

Overall, this drama is a must-watch drama. Even those 'mat salleh' behind my seats laugh lol . Drac's friends are superb esp Invisible Man :p Even the fat mummy, wolf's families and Frankenstein are hilarious. So thumbs up for this great movie. Next week , my friends and I gonna watch movies at the cinema and I think I wanna watch this for second time ! hewhew

p/s : I'm super addicted at 'You're My Zing' song, Hotel Transylvania's soundtrack.

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