Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{ tuto } Make your own album art !

Hello guys ! Yeah now I'm free from books ! hehe menghadap sketch book 24/7 jam sehari lah sekarang nampaknya. So, base on the title, Im gonna make a tutorial today ! Yea ! I'm kinda late now because the requester, Hyung Hafiz, already become a red bull now, waiting for this simple tuto . HEHE mianhae :p

Okay ! First, you guys choose which song's cover album you want to change. For this tuto, I'm gonna change the Yellow Gold - Jin Akanishi's album cover. Because of that song doesn't have any album cover, so I decide to design one. You can design it on Photoscape , Photoshop or even on Picnik . It's your choice. Design it using your creativity.

this is the one that I design for the Yellow Gold album . Credits Jin Akanishi's twitter photo.
After that, go to the picture's file . Choos your album picture and just click right click at the picture and click copy image.

Next, open the media player library. Click right click on the empty album picture box. Click 'paste album art' .There you are ! Your hand-made album art ! HAHA it is as simple as ABC .

Hope this tutorial is helpful to hyung,whoopers and everybody. Nite, I had to go to school tomorrow. I have to hand in the text books at SPBT. I wish I can bring phone at school but I'm a prefect hohohohoo . lol . jya~