Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why entry needs title ? -____-''

Gyosha ! Gyosha ! Gyosha gyosha gyosha ~! *Gyoza*
Im back to write sumthing mumthing in this blog again ^^ kyaa ! Im falling in love with Rin & Len again . It happens when I watch their Butterfly on your shoulder LIVE perfomance . I cant believe that I fall in love with a character . An anime character who are actually a computer made singer .__. I still cant believe that there are too many fans of Vocaloid out there and they can spend their money for that concert . It's just an illogical things that happen now . And Im one of the fans . HAHAHA lol -___-'' but . . . .  but . . . . their songs are awesome TT____TT

Here the pics of Kagamine Rin that I drew at school yesterday . Hoho . I know it's kinda sucks >///< dont judge my drawings . HAHA >w<

I also drew some new characters , my own characters . It's hard to draw the same characters for many times . I salute those who can draw comics and manga characters ! And those who makes anime , that's really really brilliant ! I thought I wanna give name to these characters . Hyume Zac . H stands for Hidayah . Yu stands for Yuto, Me stands for kaME and Zac is my sis nickname = HYuMe Zac. HAHA perfect combination ne (?) lol

Jeng ! This morning , I rocking this house with HSJ songs ! muahahahah . Ok . I dun know whats the function I tell you guys bout this . muahahha . This is my second time attaching device at the tv . hoho .

Ok bye !


  1. BUDAKKKKKKKK AKU TAK JUMPA CBOX ;-; kau memang tak letak eh

  2. @wana ;

    wanaaa wanooo >< aku tak letak lah . hoho . atas alasan malas nak buat acc shoutbox . muahahaha :D

  3. Mu asal tak buat chatboxxx -_-
    Aaaaaaa haah . adik miura tu HAHAH . aku suka aura yg ada pada umika . sesuai gila dengan cerita Love Hate edited version tuh