Friday, May 4, 2012

One bright morning . . .

HAHAHHA . LOL . wat the heck with my post title -____-'' it's noon now , not morning actually -____-''
Im sooo boring rite now . Im boring . boring . boring . home alone . the word BORING reminds me to a Thai movie , BoonChu 10 :D hehe~ It's a nice movie ! I still remember the doctors phrase , "Ei Ei" "Kri Kri" and bla bla bla,so on . HAHA . He said that it's good word to flirt girl . lol xD

Besides , I've also watch this movie before . Crazy Little Thing Called Love . I bet many peoples already watch it . This movie is just too cute >///< cute love story ! and a very interesting romantic comedy movie ! If you guys never watch it , please , pleasee , watch this ^^

HAHAHA omg since when I love Thai movie ._. HAHAHA oh I still remember ! The first Thai movie that I watch was Ong Bak . Kyaa ! It's a Muay Thai action movie . Hayyaaa , wachaa ~~ 

Yesterday , during 'prep' , I bring along my netbook . I wanna show Hey Say Jump to Satsuki and Shid . Satsuki said "Wow . Too much fan service o__o.But Super Delicate is best and in that PV , they r KAKOII.I dont think Malays can do like Jpop and Kpop" HAHAHAH sugoiii ! (Y) xD

And not surprisingly , Syid love Yamada . HAHAHA . dah agak dah . Everytime I show Hey Say Jump to others , they always love Yamada and make Yamada as their bias . Yamada is good in flirting these guys .___. HAHA ehhh -__-''

Im dowloading a LOT of Hey Say Jump's video rite now ! *jumping jumping* Guys , take a glance at my Tokyo Hive songs folder ^________^

This is not enough . I must download more ! ^O^

愛で 愛で いっぱいになって ~ ai de ai de ippai ni natte ~

- I miss WHOOPERS . Chingu,bogoshippo ! -


  1. @Lina ;

    Kauuu TT^TT lepas exam macam macam aku nak pengaruh kau lagi TT^TT HAHAHA xD jeng jeng :D

    @Fyra ;

    Fyraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fyraaa tyffyraaa :D alhamdulillah sihat :D