Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boyfriend Great Comeback
// Handsome weyy Kwangmin\\ #nose-bleed =,^
Kyaaa ~ Boyfriend just released a new MV  , Don't Touch My Girl :)
Few days ago , the teaser was out . And I thought it was a kinda sad love song which is slow beat .
But , HOYEAAHHH , it's kinda catchy but still got the sad feeling in the MV :)

Andddd , Kwangmin :3 My bias :3
His hair ,, i like it but i think he should take it a little bit left , dun let it closed ur eyes , sometimes look like "orang iban"'s hair it doesnt suit you . nahh , who cares~ I still like yeww ^^

Ohhh , Jo Twins *_*

Here some screencaps of each member from Don't touch my girl MV :)

Youngmin :)


Jeongmin :)
tadaaa , check out MV below :)

 okay , good nyte :)

Jo Kwangmin & Jo Youngmin <3 Jo Twins ^x^

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