Sunday, October 2, 2011

How Gongchan ended up as my bias.

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// How Gongchan ended up as my bias. 

First time I watch B1A4 was when I watch OK MV . Seriously , before that , I already download OK song from internet but didn't hear it at all . But , one day ,OK MV , it accord on me to watch OK MV . I just addict with the song , didn't care about the members at all , all I remember is CNU face only (cuz he's the easiest to remember , he wear spec ) . Than , I check out Allkpop , the saw an article says "B1A4 released I Only Learnt Bad Things MV" . And watched it . Then , a boy with white hat attracted me with his handsome look . Awww , it's GONGCHAN <3 ^^  Then , I asked KPOP BLOGGER's members who's that cute + handsome boy  // AHHH <3 .

 They told me that was Gongchan . Ouh , seriously , from that moment , im Google-ing gongchan's pic , stalking all his pic , info , twitter . Yeah , and when they make their comeback last month , I'm truly excited ! double triple like B1A4 now :) so ,if they come here , make concert and fansigning , I already have enough money , cuz I want to see my Gongchann :)


// bace lah cinte pandang pertame merapu nie ,HAHA , tp ni betul taw ^^

# tgh dgr lagu Beautiful Target , Wonderful Tonight & Fooool nie ^^

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